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Management skills Stage 1

Educational methods

During this training, the participant transposes specific situations to become aware enough to go for change. The participant can freely express himself (herself) on one's capabilities and difficulties. He(she) quickly and efficiently integrates this training as practical exercises and various situation scenarios make it a positive model. Also video testimonials of managers from other companies allow to share the vision of the other managers / project managers.

Educational objectives

Understand the basic missions of the manager
Acquire reflexes to optimize one's mode of communication and its management style
Identify effective and ineffective attitudes<

Detailed Program

1. Understand the stakes in the manager's role and responsibility

    The manager: from captain to conductor

    The essential functions and responsibilities : the role, mission and skills

    To position as a leader when taking office

    Testimony of a leader

Live situations: Self presentation as a Manager and sharing one's vision with the team

2. The styles of Leadership adapted to the non hierarchical Management

    The situational Management

    Four Management styles and their specificities

Auto-diagnosis of one's dominant style

3. Build a project team logic

    For a meaningful project

    Define collective and individual objectives and their criteria SMART

    Manage the interactions and strengthen the team cohesion

    The informal and formal situations of Communication

4. Lead effectively a meeting

    The various roles to accept in order to lead a meeting

    How to get organized. Advises to optimize one's efficiency

    Build the agenda, the report

5. Optimize team motivation

    Theories of the motivation

    Create the conditions in favor of the motivation

    Identify the best behavior

    Get the support of the team

6. Manage difficult situations

    Identify the main causes of conflicts

    Promote new behavior by setting rules and leaning on the signs of recognition

    Encourage progress

7. Delegate successfully to optimize tean effectiveness

    Prepare the delegation : advantages Limits and opportunities

    How to delegate and be successfull

    The stages of the interview and rules of the game of the delegation

Questionnaire to validate educational benefits

Organisme de Formation référençable DataDock Duration : 2 days
(14 hours training)

Rates : 1650€

Dates : 4 & 5 Feb. 2021 - 25 & 26 March 2021 - 26 & 27 May 2021 - 29 & 30 June 2021 - 5 & 6 Oct. 2021 - 9 & 10 Dec. 2021 or you choose the dates !

Place : Lyon - Écully

Code : ENG1505

Provider :
Chantal Englebert-Balmont
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