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How to master in Public speaking

Employ neurosciences to convince and negociate

Educational Objectives

This workshop is designed to help the participant to get rid of useless stress that may interfere with your performance when speaking in public. He will see how you can interact efficiently with your public.
React quickly in interpersonal communication. Develop a declarative and constructive communication, particularly in not hierarchical Management.

Educational methods

During this training, the participant while upgrade his skills in public speaking with a lot of practice. He(she) quickly and efficiently integrates this training as practical exercises and various situation scenarios make it a positive model.
Situation simulation techniques with the camcorder and individualized debriefs.

Detailed Program

1. Structure your speech and improve your presentation skills

    • Structure a speech SMART

    • Set up a main target

    • What is the impact of your body language

    • The different styles of communication

    • Know the image sent back to the others

    • Set correctly the different tones of your voice to present in a dynamic manner

    • Use relatable language : Give a meaning to your hands when presenting

    Workshop : present a constructive speech

2. Develop an objective of communication

    • Examine how is one's life process (Process Com®)

    • Practice the active listening to take into account the values and the expectations of the speaker

    • Insist on the positive aspects of your subject

    • How to carry on a touchy message and face the attempts of destabilization

    • How to argue to convince with assertiveness during a meeting

    • Build long-lasting relations and give constructive feedbacks to one's team and outside the team

    Workshop : Convince your team to select you

3. How to speak so that people want to listen

    • To be creative when presenting the idea

    • To bring out information and decision facts

    • To influence and be charismatic with show of confidence

    • To make eye contact from the start

    • To Keep heading of one's objective by controlling oneself and by asserting oneself without aggressiveness

    • To be authentic and build a trust with integrity

    • To include humour to disarm the tension within the audience towards the subject

    • To Impact and to present a memorable delivery to root the message

    • To call out to action, when required

    • To finish the speech strongly

    Workshop : Convince your board to approve your project - Carry on a touchy message while keeping on being constructive

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Place : Lyon - Écully

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